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Hi, my name is Asaf Paz and I’m a highly skilled, focused and ambitious serial entrepreneur.

I co-founded WEBSEM, my first company when I was only 21 years old. Today, WEBSEM is a name synonymous with quality, innovation and success.

As one of the most successful online advertising agencies in Israel, WEBSEM caters to a vast group of clients from the private as well as the public sector. The team comprises of over 40 full-time, passionate, dedicated employees who manage, strategize and support our clients’ needs.

WEBSEM has a unique partnership with Google and is now an Official Google Training Center. As a young and enthusiastic advertising agency co-founder, I lectured and trained agencies during official summits of Google Partners held in various countries such as Ireland, Romania, Portugal, Greece, South-Africa, Czech Republic and Turkey.

After a successful decade of building WEBSEM I sold it to HI-Light Communication, and Co-founded a new startup - QUALI.FIT.

QUALI.FIT is a personal AI assistant for recruiters that does 90% of their work for them.

Currently, I’m focusing all my attention towards QUALI.FIT. With the vast amount of experience and knowledge that I have gained in the past eleven years, I am now looking to make QUALI.FIT a billion dollar company that provides plenty of opportunities for recruiting & staffing agencies across the globe.

Hobbies & Facts

  • I think best when I'm : Running
  • What inspires me most : Ariel, my 2 years old daughter
  • What helps clear my mind : Yoga
  • I can’t go on vacation without : My Kindle
  • Couldn't have done a thing without : Lior - My wife
  • My favorite winter getaway : Ski
  • My favourite YouTube channel : TED TALKS

My Skills

  • Online marketing

  • Managing

  • Cooking

  • Coding

  • Attention to details

  • Public speaking

  • Patience

  • Meeting deadlines

  • Risk taking

  • Strategic thinking

  • Listening to people

  • Multi-tasking

My Resume

As a keen and enthusiastic advertising and technology professional, I’ve acquired formal training and education in different areas and subjects. Below is a description of my educational qualification and work experience:

Tapas MBA (Microsoft Ventures Academy)


In 2014, I completed Tapas MBA’s mini MBA program, which is one of the most sought-after courses in Israel. As part of the program, the academy enrolls only eighty five students per course. While, some students already hold Phd degrees, other who are existing leaders of their respective organisations are invited to complete the program. This mini MBA program is also available for students who are passionate about innovation and aspire to set up their own organisations.

M.A.,Philosophy, Information and Digital Culture (Tel Aviv University)


I also hold the M.A in Philosophy, Information and Digital Culture (2011-12) from the prestigious Tel Aviv University. The executive program explores the digital culture using professional philosophical tools. The program offers a full systematic discussions utilizing comprehensive philosophical prospective, thus extending the discussion beyond the known ties between digital culture and politics, communications, technology, business, art etc. The program combines ‘old’ philosophies as well as the ‘new’ digital age practices. It provides a broader vision and deeper understanding, specifically in areas of innovation and inventions.

B.A., Internet Technologies (Bar-Ilan University)


My passion and devotion for both advertising and entrepreneurship encouraged me to pursue B.A. in Internet Technologies from the Bar-llan University in 2007-2010. This course helped me gather immense knowledge and understanding around information technologies, information representation on the Internet as well as introduces programming to the aspiring candidates. The course also imparts extensive information around digital content management, information retrieval, databases, computer communications and information security. In addition students are exposed to the basics of information science: information organization, data retrieval and to the dynamics of the information industry, marketing, e-commerce and trends in Internet research.

Co-Founder/ CEO - QualiMatch

2015 - Today

As the co-founder of QualiMatch, I’ve helped digital marketers in reshaping their careers and strengthening their positions within the industry. QualiMatch’s unique marketplace tools and techniques allow organizations to identify talents professionals from among the experienced as well as inexperienced marketers. We use anonymous processes to attract experienced and talented marketers who are looking for better and brighter opportunities in the digital marketing space. We also provide inexperienced marketers with the much-desired opportunity to earn badges and create their own unique identity within the digital market place.

Co-Founder/ CEO - WEBSEM


WEBSEM provides online search engine marketing solutions to hundreds of businesses, advertising agencies and SEO companies in Israel and worldwide. WEBSEM’s vast online marketing experience and its implementation of the advanced technologies in this highly dynamic field, allows clients to enjoy excellent performance and higher ROI for their search engine marketing campaigns/strategies.

Internet & Technology Researcher - IDF


I have also offered my technological knowledge and expertise to the Israel Defense Intelligence (IDI), Unit 8200. During my stint at the IDI, I managed innumerable projects of the internal teams as well as the development firms from the private sector.

Webmaster - Go Intersoft


Go-Intersoft was one of the first E-commerce sites in Israel for the computer-hardware industry. As the Webmaster of the site, I dealt with both the technical aspects of the site and its content. My goal was to boost the site’s sales, primarily by increasing the conversion rate.

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ASAF PAZ on Timeout Magazine

Google Event @ Athens | Asaf Paz Speaker


Asaf Paz Speaks in an Official Google Event Athens, Greece
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  • Name : Asaf Paz
  • Address : 4 Habonim St. Ramat-Gan Israel
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